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 From:  "Dan O'Brien" <score underscore it at hotmail dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Monowall routing 2 internal networks
 Date:  Tue, 22 Jun 2004 17:03:02 -0400
Hello all,

This may be a very simple problem and one I am looking over the solution to 
but... I have monowall set up on an old pc with 3 network cards (1) WAN (2) 
LAN and (3) just for my web server.
I want to set it up this way to keep the web server on its own network 
completely independent from the rest of my PC's. I connected everything and 
everything works fine so long as the interface for the web server is bridged 

Ideally I would like the setup shown below (to work)

	      |         |
      (WebServ)   (LAN)
              |      	|--------------|--------PC1
	      |	       		        |--------PC2
	      |	            	        |_____ PC3
	      |______Web Server (Port 80 open to all and Port 23 open to the LAN 

Like I said it works fine as long as it is bridged to the LAN interface. I 
switch it to a non bridged setup and set the IP address of that interface 

the router.

IP address and rules to allow all requests on port 23 from the LAN subnet to 

Am I overlooking something or missing something all together. Any help would 
be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,