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 From:  Fred Wright <fw at well dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Portable Userland CARP
 Date:  Wed, 23 Jun 2004 18:56:04 -0700 (PDT)
On Wed, 23 Jun 2004, David Rodgers wrote:

> here is an example
>         ________
>        [ router ]
>         |          |
>    m0n01     m0n02
>         |          |
>       [----- switch -----]
>        workstation
> If m0n0 1 dies m0n02 assume its wan and lan ips to it's interfaces and 
> keeps ticking
> and all traffic and networks being routed to it keeps coming in non stop
> Also from your isp as simple floating route between the two external ips 
> would suffice but would
> be totally unnecessary because they route the block that is to live 
> behind your firewall to the ip address
> that is shared between the two mono boxen as "the" ip.
> in short the mono boxes have seperate ips that they use to talk to each 
> other but they use "the" ip to talk to the world
> and more importantly for the world to talk to them.

I guess that can work if it's a bridged or routed configuration with a
static IP *and* they're willing to honor an ARP switch (which they may not
in some cases).  Anything using DHCP would be likely to be problematic,
and certainly anything involving PPP (PPPoE or PPTP) would be, since the
dead router wouldn't have terminated the session "owning" the IP address.

In any case, failover between ISPs would be far more useful than failover
between routers.  Soekris boxes are *much* mre reliable than ISPs. :-)

					Fred Wright