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 From:  "Andrew Eglington" <aeglington at hotmail dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  auto-detect - not what is expected.
 Date:  Wed, 07 Jul 2004 08:14:01 +1000
I recently suggested a friend use m0n0 on his previously smoothwall box, and 
he called me last night to say he couldn't figure out why the NIC 
auto-detect did not auto-detect and then SET which cable was plugged in.
He said that he immediately considered going back to smoothwall, but called 
me instead (at 10:30pm)... I suggested he just use his brain and manually 
enter the NIC name it was listing as "UP"... which he did, just as we all 
have done, and of course he then had no problem, but commented that this 
auto-detect business not auto-setting was silly and counter intuitive. I 
tactfully agreed.

Is this fixed in the latest betas? if not, maybe a short instruction could 
be added to the install screen to explain that the auto-detect is merely to 
correlate MAC and NIC name with the cable being logged in, and NOT to 
actually detect and SET which has been plugged in. (because after all, its 
the users job to *make these decisions* - thats how good security works.)
...at least until it works the way it seems to be designed to work.

Also, the font that displays the NIC names makes 1 (one) loook like l (L), 
and he was reading :
x10 (x ten)
instead of what was actually:
xl0 (x L zero)
...i realise that even any new-to-*nix n00b should expect to see two letters 
followed by a number when looking at a NIC name, but anyone else will easily 
make this mistake.

Also, a quick example of subnet masks in the WAN/LAN IP setup would  go a 
long way to easing installs for the less network savvy among us.
Private IP range examples:
172.16(->32).0.0          (.....iirc)

Subnet mask examples: = /8 = /16 = /24 = /32

Valid combinations include:

..ENTER desired IP/subnet mask:

Simple explanations for windows n00bs would go a long way to giving them 
(us) just that little bit of confidence that is required to not ph34r *nix.

(I realise there are positive arguments for NOT wanting win-n00bs to 
discover *nix, and that the secrets of the internet probably WERE better off 
in the hands of an arcane few, but lets not get into that - it's too late 

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