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 From:  Peter Curran <peter at closeconsultants dot com>
 To:  Tim Vaughan <tim at timvaughan dot co dot uk>, m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Booting m0n0wall from floppy
 Date:  Wed, 7 Jul 2004 16:39:23 +0100
Have you considered using a CF instead?  This is a lot more convenient and 
also means that you don't need a floppy either.  The latter is a particular 
benefit on older hardware, as they are not the most reliable of beasts.

Of course, to use a CF you need an IDE-CF adaptor, which just plugs into you 
motherboard instead of the IDE hard disk, but these are available at low cost 
from a number of sources.

I have used the CD version of m0n0wall briefly and found that there are a 
number of shortcomings.  Having said that, it is the most popular 
distribution mechanism.



On Wednesday 07 July 2004 15:59, Tim Vaughan wrote:
> I'm investigating mooving off Smoothwall onto m0n0wall and would do so
> immediately if I could get round one particular obstacle: having to boot
> off a CD.  My Smoothwall machine is not able to boot directly off a CD
> because the bios is so old.  I'm aware of Smart Boot Manager, having
> trawled through the list archives, but would like to know if there is a
> way of creating a boot floppy for m0n0wall which also allows for storing
> the config file on it.  This would permit an unattended boot/reboot etc,
> without which it's a bit inconvenient.
> Any ideas?

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