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 From:  Thomas Hertz <thomas at hz dot se>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  DNS problems...
 Date:  Tue, 30 Sep 2003 21:10:01 +0200
Here we go again.

Normally (according to some RFC) a network client who has acquired two 
nameserver addresses, is supposed to query them in the given order. If 
#1 is not available, or gives an NXDOMAIN, #2 is queried.

Windows does NOT do this, windows will query the nameservers in a round 
robin way.

The problem is that I have my mail server behind the NAT of the 
m0n0wall, and therefor cannot be accessed by my public IP from within my 
network. To solve this I've added a "fake" name to the mailserver in 
/etc/hosts (under DNS Forwarder). This should work, but it doesn't. The 
dhcp server of m0n0wall serves _two_ nameservers to its clients. The 
first is the m0n0wall itself, serving through its internal caching 
nameserver dnsmasq, and the other is the first of the "public" 
nameservers entered under "General Setup". It's pretty easy hacking 
m0n0wall and tell it to only give out the internal caching nameserver, 
but I can't find a reason to why anyone would want to have both the 
caching nameserver and the external nameserver.

So, am I way off here or should I kindly ask Manuel to remove this 
behaviour from m0n0wall? =)

Thomas Hertz