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 From:  bmah at acm dot org (Bruce A. Mah)
 To:  ed bongaerts <ed at bongaerts dot com>
 Cc:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] pb17 released
 Date:  Wed, 08 Oct 2003 17:26:18 -0700
If memory serves me right, ed bongaerts wrote:

> I did get a script error, somewhere /usr/??? ... line 91, but monowall 
> reported the 515 version a little later. It did get a lot slower though, 
> and I noticed a increased activity on the wan side.
> Shortly after [5 or less minutes], my net stopped working altogether .. I 
> use the monwall on a soekris as my wan-lan router and dhcp server for 
> several machines [since about a month, rock-solid, fast, and thanx for a 
> simply working solution !]. 
> I reset everything in site, but no cigar.
> When assigning an internal fixed IP to my work machine, I can ping the fixed 
> machines but not the dhcp assigned machines, and I got to the monowall GUI. 
> I loaded pb16 back and restarted the router. Still no dhcp service.

If you updated (downdated?) the firmware from the GUI from pb17 to pb16,
then maybe the configuration file still had the encrypted password for
the webGUI?  pb16 won't be able to understand that.

> After assigning another server to do the dhcp, the net is up again, 
> including wan routing via monowall, and I can again get to the monowall 
> GUI, but now my password [or the mono password] no longer works.
> What happened ?

You might need to reset the passwd from the serial port console.

This is exactly why I keep two flash cards for my Soekris box.  I load
up new (or experimental) images on the card that's not in use; if
something goes wrong, I can in less than a minute swap back to a card
that holds an image (and configuration) that I know works.

Good luck!