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 From:  david me <david19702004 at yahoo dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Don't know what else to try...
 Date:  Thu, 15 Jul 2004 00:11:51 -0700 (PDT)
Hi guys!
A few weeks ago I posted a request for help because my ADSL connection was not able to stay up (is
there a viagra for ADSL ???).
Okay the problem is this.
I have a STATIC-IP ADSL package with my ISP provider.
My IP passed me a Router that I can use either in stand-alone, or in bridge with a computer (through
ethernet as usual).
This Router is a made in china and performance/stability is horrible (it hangs almost every 24
I come from Smoothwall and I already purchased 3 sets of SOKRIS 4501.
I Installed m0n0wall.
If I use this ADSL router in bridhe and I choice under WAN the STATIC IP, it works perfectly (well
till the modem hangs)
But If I setup PPPoE and I use same LOGIN/PASSWORD my ISP gave me, the connection go up for 5
seconds and then it hangs!
I can see that LOGIN/PASSWORD are working because on the network interface manu, I can see my STATIC
IP assigned.
Also the same LOGIN/PASSWORD are working under smoothwall.
In these last 3 weeks I tried many things:
a) I borrowed other 3 modem from my friend. Zyxel 645M, Westell, and another D-LINK but all are
giving me same result (5 seconds up, and then down till a new reboot of M0n0).
b) I tried any of this modem under Smoothwall and under Clarkconnect and all three are working
(PPPoE) with connection up for almost 1 week without any disconnect or hang. Now I'm using
Smoothwall and one of this modem.
The problem is that I don't want to buy a router, because as told before... I already have with me 4
modem and it is absurd that M0n0 is not working properly in PPPoE!
So, due it's me that I'm mistaking... my I know why ?
I really don't know what else to think!
Please don't tell to remain with smoothwall, because I'm a person that like challenges and if m0n0
is working in PPPoE for other people, I want to find the solution!
I don't give up so easly!
Thank in advance.

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