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 From:  "John Voigt" <megeek at jvoigt dot com>
 To:  "Dave Warren" <maillist at devilsplayground dot net>, <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Wireless success stories?
 Date:  Thu, 22 Jul 2004 10:29:07 -0400
I have my monowall working as a AP.  Using an engenius miniPCI radio (160
mw), pigtail and antenna all in a Soekris box.

I've also had it working with a regular PCMCIA version of the same radio in
the same box.

Using monowall v1.0.  I do have the wireless interface bridged with the LAN.

I know others have had problems.  Maybe I just got lucky with a good
firmware version or just didn't give up soon enough - I am a bit hard
headed. :-)

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From: "Dave Warren" <maillist at devilsplayground dot net>
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Sent: Thursday, July 22, 2004 5:38 AM
Subject: [m0n0wall] Wireless success stories?

> I'm wondering if anyone has successfully set up m0n0wall as a wireless
> access point -- If so, what card are you using? -- I spent a few hours
> reading list archives to become familiar with m0n0wall in general (and
> I'm VERY impressed, by the way), but other then some "go here to figure
> out if a card might work" references, I can't find any real wireless
> success stories.
> So in short, I'm looking for recommendations.
> One other thought, although I'm not sure if it's a good thought or not:
> Since WEP and I don't get along very well, and since m0n0wall seems to
> have defeated the common PPTP-can't-access-WAN problem, would it be
> relatively secure to set the wireless side as a wide open AP, but
> restrict access to the LAN/WAN and require the user to VPN?
> I'm thinking this just might work -- I seem to be able to PPTP from the
> LAN side or the WAN side (which is a HUGE help debugging my RADIUS
> setup, by the way).
>  From the usability side of things, this would be acceptable, we only
> use wireless on our laptops, and our laptops are all already capable of
> VPNing.
> Am I sleep deprived and off my rocker or is this worth thinking about?
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> "It's like comparing apples and oranges," says researcher
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