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 Subject:  R: [m0n0wall] Unreachable website, m0n0wall problem
 Date:  Mon, 26 Jul 2004 09:59:00 +0200
Could be a problem related to path MTU.

If the connection seems to stall, try to lower client's interface MTU ( ie.
to 1000 ) and retry; if it works, maybe somewhere on the path ICMP error
messages got filtered (ie. "Frag required but DF set").

Otherwise, you need to diagnose the problem at a lower level ( ie. Tcpdump
plus some packet generator).


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Da: Cas Mollien [mailto:cmollien at mollien dot net] 
Inviato: sabato 24 luglio 2004 1.27
A: m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
Oggetto: [m0n0wall] Unreachable website, m0n0wall problem


Since I have installed m0n0wall I have not been able to get on
www.newzbin.com. I have spent several days trying to figure it out, have
accused my provider of blocking the host ;-), but nothing has worked up
'till now.

I have cable and the admin at my provider (same network) can open the site
without problems. I have done traceroutes from both Windows and Linux and
they all stop at some host in the UK (hop16   117 ms   126 ms   173 ms
so-6-0.metro1-londencyh00.London1.Level3.net []).

I have upgraded to the Beta (1.1b16), downgraded back to 1.0, completely
emptied my config file and started over. Even with the most basic config, I
am not able to get through. 

However, as soon as I hook up my old Linksys router instead of m0n0, I can
get to it. 

I an sure it happens with other sites as well, but at first I did not pay
much attention to it. Some sites are down, that's life. But when I found out
that NewzBin was not down and that I could get there from any other location
but my house, I started troubleshooting with this site.

I am running m0n0wall on a Soekris net4801, my clients are W2K, WXP and

Has anybody encountered this problem before? Or something similar?

Thanks in advance,

Cas Mollien

For your info, here's my minimal config-file:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
			<descr>Default LAN -&gt; any</descr>

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