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 From:  Petr Krenzelok <petr dot krenzelok at trz dot cz>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  (newbie) few questions (shaper comparison, usb keyb not working, simplifying hw set-up) ....
 Date:  Sun, 15 Aug 2004 14:09:52 +0200

I am new here. I tried to follow rules as described, so I read first 
some of  messages, but decided to post few questions here. First - I am 
not much fluent with linux, bsd or the like, so sorry for eventually 
asking some stupid questions.

Well, what I am loooking for. I have DSL connection here (via Asus 
...6310 EV - http://www.joyce.cz/clanek.php?idclanek=128&typclanku=kat). 
Together with few friends we think of setting-up small wi-fi network, 
connected to internet via my DSL conntection. But I know I want to use 
some kind of traffic shaping, or whole thing will get screwed sooner 
than later.

--- shaping ---------

1) Now I was suggested several options - m0n0wall, SmoothWall (I don't 
eventually hesitate to pay, if the product is much better - 
http://www.smoothwall.net/products/smoothtraffic/). Could anyone tell 
me, if m0n0wall traffic shaper is powerfull enough for daily situations?

2) What does "magic shaper" add? (I noticed it in latest betas)

3) Any statistics, ability to set e.g. daily limits etc.?

4) maybe some folks could look into czech Prometheus QoS 
(http://www.arachne.cz/?page=soft) - Folks overthere state that their 
solution works nicely for czfree.net - large initiative of multiple 
wi-fi networks connected


--- problem with USB keyboard ----
Dunno if doing something wrong, but I burned iso of latest beta and 
after booting, I can see my usb keyboard of my pc was detected, but it 
does not work. I cant work in menus, so I turned my old PS/2 keyboard 
and everything seems to be OK. Is that a bug or USB keyboard is not 
supposed to work?

---- overall set-up simplification --------

Well, so I have that ASUS DSL router, which blocks itself from time to 
time. Even Czech Telecom support told me to buy more profi router - they 
are so much screwing here in CZ that it is unbelievable. Then we will 
have some AP (eventually with router too). But none of those two provide 
us with traffic shaping, right? So I will eventually build m0n0wall 
router. Well - too much router in set-up, isnt it? Now - I am no network 
guru, so I might ask stupid questions, but is there any possibility of 
how to anyhow simplify the set-up?

I would e.g. like to drop my ADSL router/modem, can m0n0wall router take 
its place? Well, but my ASUS WAN page contains info like:

Encapsulation: PPPoA VC-Mux
VPI: 8
VCI: 48
QoS Type: UBR
PCR: 2000

The problem is, that from splitter, there leads RJ 9(?) (typical tel. 
line) into ASUS, where should I connect it into my PC? Should I buy any 
DSL card, or? (I will use my favourite EPIA mini-itx box for router). 
Any suggestions here? Maybe I will have to let my ASUS DSL modem in the 

Thanks a lot,