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 From:  "nem de" <feczo at geek dot hu>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Dynamic DNS client with Bind9 nsupdate ?
 Date:  Tue, 17 Aug 2004 18:39:50 +0200

I would like to use nsupdate to have my dnyamic site report its ip to our
nameserver. Previously I have used a small shell script like this :

                                                    export BDIR=/etc/namedb
sleep 10
export MYIP=`ifconfig | grep -A 3 tun0 | grep inet | awk -F "inet | -->"
'{print $2}'`
if  [ $MYIP ] ; then
        echo $MYIP >$BDIR/lastipsent
        echo -e "server swissdent.hu \n
        update delete adsl.tablo.hu A \n
        update add adsl.tablo.hu 3600 A $MYIP \n
        update delete fonix.adsl.tablo.hu A \n
        update add fonix.adsl.tablo.hu 3600 A $MYIP \n\n"  |
/usr/local/bin/nsupdate -k
+$BDIR/Kadsl.tablo.hu.+157+00000.private >/dev/null
        echo $status >>$BDIR/lastipsent
        date >>$BDIR/lastipsent

I thought I get nsupdate binary from my 4.10-RELEASE box and
upload it via exec.php, and all other files like the key and
what is needed. Even if it may work. How can I make sure
it runs every time it is needed. As I have seen there is no
periodic que on m0n0wall like at or cron.

How should I hack m0n0wall, to work with nsupdate directly to our nameserver
and without an intermediate provider like EZ-IP or sg. like it.

Any ideas are welcome.