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 From:  "Tomas Florian" <tflorian at telus dot net>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Freeze with 47 MB RAM?... not enough?
 Date:  Wed, 18 Aug 2004 03:25:21 -0600
I'm running the pc-ide version of monowall on an old P120 machine.  The
machine locks up approximately every 30 minutes especially whenever I try to
edit my configuration.  I have read that monowall requires at least 64 MB
ram (which I have not met) but I'm trying to figure out if that is really my
The type of freeze I experience lock doesn't just kick me off the web
interface but also locks me out of the text console.  If this was a normal
FreeBSD box I would conclude that it has hardware reliability problems.   Is
this normal when I run out of ram?  Or should I expect to get some "nice"
error message or even hope of the system continuing to respond to my key
presses - at least at the console?
I suspect I might have hardware problem on my hands, but I just want to
confirm that because if my hardware is fine and I really need 64 mb then
that's what I'll do.
The type of configuration I use is relatively simple so I thought I would
squeak by the min requirements with 47 mb:
5 ipfw rules
4 nat rules
1 pptp user
Simple traffic shaper
Here is my top mem line (19M Free seems fine to me . is it?)
Mem: 5868K Active, 3992K Inact, 4204K Wired, 4K Cache, 4368K Buf, 19M Free
Anyone running a machine with less than 64 MB?  Does it work?  How much is
the real minimum if I'm not doing anything fancy? 32 MB?  And how can I tell
if I have enough RAM?  From top "free mem" value?
Thank you very much,
Tomas Florian