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 From:  Thomas Hertz <thomas at hz dot se>
 To:  Mohammad Hasieb Ali <alimohammad at comcast dot net>
 Cc:  m0n0wall <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] help integrating m0n0wall into my network
 Date:  Sun, 12 Oct 2003 22:28:57 +0200
Actually it doesnt make any difference if the cabling is connected at 
all for FreeBSD to detect the NICs. So, if the second NIC isn't listed 
it's probably because it's not supported in the kernel. I really can't 
tell more without seeing the actual dmesg output.

The uplink port on your switch is btw not supposed to be in MDIX mode 
when it is connected directly to a NIC (such as NIC2 on the monowall).

rlphy0 is the physical interface adapter for your rl0 NIC, and is not a 
NIC in itself.

Thomas Hertz

Mohammad Hasieb Ali wrote:

> Thats what i initially thought, but the thing was, when the switch is 
> in MDIX, the light will not light up
> on the switch, but when its in II it will. I understand that the light 
> doesnt mean anything, but it seems that m0n0wall does not see it 
> either. Its not the NIC, I have replaced both, with ones from my 
> computer, ones from a friends, and i replaced them with each other 
> (reversed the order)
> It seems that the one with the cable modem will light up and be 
> detected as device rl0.
> But, the device that is plugged in the hub, wether or not its in MDIX, 
> will not be detected in the device listing (under add ... something, 
> option #1)
> while viewing dmesg (using scroll lock and page up) i see that freebsd 
> sees the device (rlyph0) but it is not listed in the menu (the add ... 
> something, option #1), probably because it doesnt see a valid connection.
> I have replaced the cabling, NIC's, .... what else can i replace? heh
> Thanks for your time,
>                               Mohammad Ali
> Thomas Hertz wrote:
>> Actually, the MDIX (uplink) port on your switch is nothing but a 
>> regular port where the TX and RX pins have been switched. So putting 
>> a straight cable in the uplink port is the same thing as putting a 
>> crossover cable into one of the "regular" ports on the switch. This 
>> is how to connect your gear, only using regular straight patch cables:
>> <cable modem>-<nic1 on monowall>-<uplink port on switch | regular 
>> ports>-<computer>
>> It's nothing magic, really. =)
>> -- 
>> Thomas Hertz
>> Mohammad Hasieb Ali wrote:
>>> Hello, I installed m0n0wall (took hd out and wrote image to it, 
>>> avoided cdrom)
>>> and Im not exactly the network professional. I think the element I 
>>> am missing
>>> is a crossover cable, but Im not 100% sure, and I was going to ask 
>>> if someone
>>> could help me with this:
>>> I have a switch (5 port, Supporting MDIX and something else (MDIX 
>>> labeled as X, the
>>> other is II) MDIX is the mode I am looking for, at least I think. 
>>> port 5 is the upload
>>> port. I have a m0n0wall box with two NICS, (both supported under 
>>> fbsd, actually,
>>> both are even based on the realtek 8139). Now, is it possible for me 
>>> to plug my modem
>>> into one NIC on my m0n0wall, and plug my switch (possibly upload 
>>> port@MDIX)  into the other?
>>> Heres my "theory"  (although, i am unable to test it due to the lack 
>>> of a crimper atm)
>>> CABLE MODEM                 -(patch)>            NIC1
>>> SWITCH (PORT5@MDIX)    -(crossover)>    NIC2
>>> and then I plug in everything using patch cables into my hub (the 
>>> remaining four ports)?
>>> If this is the correct way to do it, Why do i Need Crossover cables 
>>> (im not complaining, I can
>>> crimp them if i need it, but im just curious, <3 knowledge)
>>> I understand the physical differences, but what does that do for the 
>>> transfer?
>>> Thanks Alot,
>>>                   Mohammad Ali
>>> P.S. Sorry for the offtopic discussion :( I know this isnt exactly 
>>> the place for network help, just m0n0wall
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