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 From:  Mohammad Hasieb Ali <alimohammad at comcast dot net>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  sugestions from fellow nuub
 Date:  Mon, 13 Oct 2003 02:27:00 -0500
hey, I was just thinking, m0n0wall is great stuff. What can i do to make 
m0n0wall even better.
then i came to the conclusion: nothing. BUT, what could i suggest that 
might possibly make m0n0wall better, then I fired up thunderbird and 
started typing like a maniac.

These are some cool features I think would be semi-easy (for you of 
course :P) to implement:
       -    NTP Server (client is already implemented)
             Its kind of nice to only connect to the net once to get the 
time, and have all your other boxes get the time off of a centralized 
local server. Saves a little time, and a good deal of bandwidth if you 
manage a few computers.

       -    Maybe a Processes section in Status -> system (calling 
system("ps -aux") or the like)

       -   some way to access console, maybe sshd (bloated, console is 
fine :D)?
            m0n0wall could make a nice recovery cd :P
            it would be nice if we could like display upload/download 
usage and possibly display on minituare LCD's, or at least             
             integrate custom scripts/services
             good stuff.
             we could (possibly) install custom programs
                    lets say i wanna have a box running IRCD and a 
firewall [not recommended])
                      i could extract it onto my hd, since i installed 
it that way, and run ircd in the background. m0n0wall makes a great 
firewall, but the all-in-one should be optional, not forced on

       -maybe an option in general setup to password protect console, so 
you have to login before you access menu

       -a script (possibly configured by options in m0n0wall setup) that 
dynamically generated statistics and info
           that was NOT password protected so we could fetch it with 
other scripts, and find out the status of it.
          like lets say my.m0n0wall.org/secretstats.php had stuff like 
uptime, in/out@wan&lan and stuff like that.
          something where homeland security would not be in risk if 
someone found out the url, but it should be
          kept under wraps for the heck of it. the less info they have 
the better.

many of these things would not take alot of editing to do (again, this 
is in my mind, it could in reality take up gigs)
but they would be really handy, and still keep m0n0wall with a small 

Thanks Alot,
                   Mohammad Ali

P.S. sorry for the lame idea, i thought of all the cool ones like 5 
hours ago, but I didnt feel like opening thunderbird :(
I would love to help implement some of these, but i have no clue how to 
(how to integrate them, i could make the scripts in php if you want, but 
i wouldnt know how to ... get them to match your interface, get them in 
the menu, hell, i couldnt even get them on the server ... maybe an 
optional ftpd with monowall ... that would increase size and complexity 
though :(
hmm, well, thanks for listening.