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 From:  "sietze" <m0n0wall at sistemaseuropeos dot com>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  RE: Freeze with 47 MB RAM?... not enough?
 Date:  Thu, 19 Aug 2004 11:04:53 +0200
One of my m0n0 boxes is a p120 with 48 MB ram. Stable as a rock.

From the m0n0 website I understand that the amount of RAM is especially
important when it comes to firmware uploads. With PC based m0n0's booting
from CD this is not an issue since firmware uploads are not supported.

 > Hello,
 > I'm running the pc-ide version of monowall on an old P120 machine.  The
 > machine locks up approximately every 30 minutes especially
 > whenever I try to
 > edit my configuration.  I have read that monowall requires at least 64 MB
 > ram (which I have not met) but I'm trying to figure out if that
 > is really my
 > problem.
 > The type of freeze I experience lock doesn't just kick me off the web
 > interface but also locks me out of the text console.  If this
 > was a normal
 > FreeBSD box I would conclude that it has hardware reliability
 > problems.   Is
 > this normal when I run out of ram?  Or should I expect to get some "nice"
 > error message or even hope of the system continuing to respond to my key
 > presses - at least at the console?
 > I suspect I might have hardware problem on my hands, but I just want to
 > confirm that because if my hardware is fine and I really need 64 mb then
 > that's what I'll do.
 > The type of configuration I use is relatively simple so I thought I would
 > squeak by the min requirements with 47 mb:
 > 5 ipfw rules
 > 4 nat rules
 > 1 pptp user
 > Simple traffic shaper
 > DynDNS
 > Here is my top mem line (19M Free seems fine to me . is it?)
 > Mem: 5868K Active, 3992K Inact, 4204K Wired, 4K Cache, 4368K
 > Buf, 19M Free
 > Anyone running a machine with less than 64 MB?  Does it work?
 > How much is
 > the real minimum if I'm not doing anything fancy? 32 MB?  And
 > how can I tell
 > if I have enough RAM?  From top "free mem" value?
 > Thank you very much,
 > Tomas Florian