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 Subject:  trouble connecting via pppoe still :(
 Date:  Thu, 19 Aug 2004 12:43:21 -0400
I made a post in the past detailing some trouble i am having connecting
to my ISP via pppoe.

my original post and the various replies can be read here:


Here is a brief rehash of the situation:

m0n0wall is up and running currently connected to my ISP via static IP
I want to switch to connect to my ISP via pppoe because the newly
available 3Mbit service is only available via a pppoe connection
I am currently running m0n0wall 1.1b17
I am currently running m0n0wall on a WRAP.1C-2 board
My simple network diagram is like this:
[Internet]--[DSL Modem]--[m0n0]--[switch]--[computers]
My dsl modem is a Westel Wirespeed Model C90-36R516 Rev 8
My dsl modem is just a dumb bridge according to my ISP
My dsl modem's Ethernet port is connected to the correct interface on
both the soekris and the wrap boards i tried have the latest bios installed
Log files from m0n0wall can be found here:
- http://n0t.net/m0n0wall.log.txt
this log was the first failed attempt to connect via pppoe
- http://n0t.net/m0n0wall1.log.txt
this log was the second failed attempt to connect via pppoe after
changing wires and upgrading from 1.0 to 1.1b14
- http://n0t.net/m0n0wall2.log.txt
this log was the third failed attempt to connect via pppoe after
switching from m0n0wall on a soekris net4501 to a pcengines wrap board.
during this attempt the ISP tech also switched from CHAP to PAP to
troubleshoot. This can even be seen in the log. At first the m0n0wall
tries to use CHAP and after the tech switched it tries to use PAP. This
leads me to believe that the m0n0wall can see that the ISP changed the
protocol but for some reason cannot complete the rest of the connection
- i can connect via pppoe from a windows XP machine when i remove the
m0n0wall and connect the dsl modem directly to the switch instead

Since my last post here I have tried several additional things:

I have tried dropping the MTU on the WAN interface
I have tried the 1.1b14, 1.1b16 firmwares to no avail
I have tried new cat5 wires between the m0n0wall and the dsl modem
I have tried new telephone wire between the dsl modem and the wall
I have tried m0n0wall software on a wrap board (i was previously using a
I have tried upgrading the m0n0wall software to the current betas
The Tech at the ISP has tried changing the encryption from CHAP to PAP

Things i have not yet tried:

I have not yet tried to use a different dsl modem. First of all i dont
have easy access to another modem, i would have to purchase one.
Secondly I am able to connect from Windows XP via pppoe through that
same modem so the modem shouldn't be the issue in the first place.

I have not yet tried to use software other than m0n0wall on either the
wrap board or the net4501 such as StarOS or Microtik. what other
softwares would you guys recommend i try? If other software can connect
on the same hardware using pppoe without a problem what can i do to help
  so that i can use m0n0wall in the future anyways?

What other things can I try that i haven't yet thought of?

Thanks so much for any help i may receive :)



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