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 From:  "Quark IT - Hilton Travis" <hilton at quarkit dot com dot au>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Strangeness
 Date:  Fri, 20 Aug 2004 14:13:31 +1000
Hi All,

I'm stumped here.  I've played with this for a while now, but seem not
to be able to find rhyme nor reason for the issue I have come across.

I have 2 m0n0wall systems - one here, and one at a mate's place.  They
are configured almost identically (mine's a net4501, his is a generic
PC, both running 1.1b17, and both with 3 NICs) except for the IP address
ranges.  Now, this box here works fine - this is an OPT1 issue I have -
and his doesn't.  I'll explain a bit more...

				His box:		My Box
DHCP:				OPT1 only		OPT1 only
DNS Primary:		ISP Pri DNS		ISP Pri DNS
DNS Secondary:		ISP Sec DNS		ISP Sec DNS
DNS Forwarder:		Enabled		Enabled
Allow DNS Override:	Enabled		Enabled

Now, on my box I can connect a PC to the OPT1 interface and have it
obtain an IP and DNS Servers, then have this machine immediately ping
the OPT1 interface on the firewall, and browse to Google.com.au - works
like a dream.

On my mate's machine, he receives his IP/DNS fine through DHCP, but he
cannot ping the OPT1 IP nor can he browse any web sites nor can he ping
outside his network.  Another machine on the same hub (not switch) that
has been statically configured is in the same boat - and these two
machines can see each other perfectly, just not the m0n0wall NIC.

I have looked through every setting, and I cannot see anything that
would be causing this problem.  He cannot ping the m0n0wall OPT1 NIC by
IP, I can.  He can ping the other machine on the OPT1 network by IP
perfectly.  I can browse bast the OPT1 interface to the Internet, he

I have port forwarded port xyz to his other machine on the DMZ and I can
get to it - using a web browser, I can see its default page.  So
connectivity is kinda there, but not completely there.  Weird, huh?

I'm stumped.  Any ideas?



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