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 From:  Mat Murdock <mmurdock underscore lists at kimballequipment dot com>
 To:  Quark IT - Hilton Travis <hilton at quarkit dot com dot au>
 Cc:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Monowall, VOIP, VPN
 Date:  Thu, 26 Aug 2004 22:45:31 -0600
We will be running our Voip traffic over our ipsec VPN.  Does the 
traffic shapper prioritize traffic running over VPN's?


Quark IT - Hilton Travis wrote:

>Hi Mat,
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>>From: Mat Murdock [mailto:mmurdock underscore lists at kimballequipment dot com] 
>>Sent: Wednesday, 25 August 2004 08:55
>>We are looking to implement a Mitel VOIP soloution at my 
>>company.  I have one of these: 
>>http://www.synertrontech.com/light.htm at each location 
>>running ipcop, they all have 128mb flash cards and 128 mb ram 
>>(yes overkill but wanted to leave options open).  They are running at
>>533 mhz, the one at our main office is running 1Ghz with 
>>twice the ram and cf storage.
>Personally, I wouldn't call 128 MB overkill, I'd most likely call it the
>smallest RAM module that can be easily found these days.  :)
>>I need to proritize the VOIP traffic, ie traffic shaping and 
>>I need ipsec vpn capabilities.  I know monowall has the 
>>options to do both of these.  I haven't tried the traffic 
>>shaping, but I have tried the vpn with monowall at my house 
>>connecting to ipcop at work.  My vpn connection seemed to 
>>require a ping once a day to keep it up.  Is that a ipcop 
>>monowall connectivity problem?  Has anyone had any experience 
>>with implementing a VOIP solution other then a home voip 
>>system like vonage that included monowall?  Any comments 
>>would be most helpful.
>>Mat Murdock
>I have a client who has recently purchased a Cisco ATA-186 VOIP device
>and wants to have this running in his DMZ (along with other servers) and
>I'd like to be able to configure Traffic Shaper to give this box
>priority.  Unfortunately, as working with Traffic Shaping often causes
>my head to explode (I've found most of the parts again) I cannot give
>you a *working* answer on the VoIP traffic shaping rules, but I'll at
>least show you what I've done, and any and all comments are welcome -
>once we have a working, usable VOIP Traffic Shaping config, then it is a
>good place for a lot of people to start.
>As you can see, I have allocated VOIP traffic to a Priority 100 queue,
>other important traffic (none yet defined) to a Priority 50 queue, and
>all other traffic to a Priority 10 queue.  This should ensure that VOIP
>traffic has the highest priority when it is in use, and that all other
>traffic can use all the bandwidth (as appropriate) when there is no VOIP
>traffic.  This is for a 512/128 PPPoE ADSL connection, hence the
>upstream and downstream pipe sizes.
>No.  Bandwidth  Delay  Mask  Description
>1    450 Kbit/s              p_Inbound
>2    105 Kbit/s              p_Outbound
>No.  Pipe        Weight  Mask         Description
>1    p_Inbound   100     destination  q_High In
>2    p_Inbound    50     destination  q_Med In
>3    p_Inbound    10     destination  q_Low In
>4    p_Outbound  100     source       q_High Out
>5    p_Outbound   50     source       q_Med Out
>6    p_Outbound   10     source       q_Low Out
>If  Proto Source        Destination  Target      Description  
>WAN UDP   sipproxy      ata186       q_High In   SIP from SIPproxy
>->                      Port: 16384
>WAN *     *             LAN net      q_Low In    Other inbound LAN
>WAN UDP   ata186        sipproxy     q_High Out  SIP to SIPproxy
><-        Port: 16384
>WAN *     LAN net       *            q_Low Out   Other outound LAN    
>So, if there's something blatantly screwy here, please let me know as
>I'm sure we can all benefit from this.
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