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 From:  Twig <twig at gwi dot net>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  fla support unable to change lan ip
 Date:  Mon, 30 Aug 2004 19:09:51 -0400
Two issues I'm butting up against with 1.1 for generic PCs.

First: no support for Disk on Chip (fla) devices, so I have to hang an 
IDE Sandisk flash module in my box.  As far as I know, fla support 
doesn't break anything, and shouldn't increase kernel size appreciably, 
any chance of getting it included in the generic pc kernel conf in 
future releases?

Second, if I change my lan ip to, the m0n0wall box 
stops responding to network traffic all together.  The only way to 
recover is to pop on the console and change the ip back to default or 
reset the conf completely.  As there isn't a standard shell and the web 
interface is inacessable, I'm not sure how to diag.  Suggestions?

In the nitpick category:
Run time option for serial consoles?  Should just be a matter of 
including getty, and a web toggle for which probed ports to enable it 

ICMP is blocked on the WAN port by default.  Nasty bad choice.  As per 
RFC 792, and later RFC 2979 parts of ICMP are used for normal 
operation.  Global ICMP blocks can break / degrade tcp/ip operation.  
If anything must be nuked out of the box, a selective filter based on 
RFC 2979 seems more appropriate, with the added bonus of legitimizing 
an 'RFC Compliant' sticker. :)

Other than that, looks good so far.
Joshua Coombs