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 Subject:  IPSec AdHoc wireless
 Date:  Wed, 1 Sep 2004 20:45:43 -0700
I have a Soekris 4521

The interfaces are configured as follows:
  sis0 = LAN
  sis1 = broadband internet
  wi0  = one or two wireless laptops

I've seen messages indicating DHCP on the wi0 doesn't work with WEP.  I
can't seem to get any traffic to pass even with a rule on wi0 and LAN
permitting all traffic.

I would like the wireless laptops to share data with the LAN.  As well
both LAN and wi0 clients can access the internet.  A pretty basic setup.

Should this work with WEP enabled?

Rather than WEP, can I only allow IPSec traffic on the wi0 interface and
create an IPSec tunnel from the Windows XP client?

I'm aiming for the "most secure" but usable configuration for this