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 From:  "Gavin Pidgley" <gavin at gadago dot net>
 To:  "Chris Buechler" <cbuechler at gmail dot com>
 Cc:  "Gavin Pidgley" <gavin at gadago dot net>, m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] miniPCI Wireless Adapter for WRAP.1D
 Date:  Thu, 2 Sep 2004 18:29:53 +0100 (GMT Daylight Time)
> On Thu, 2 Sep 2004 18:08:58 +0100 (GMT Daylight Time), Gavin Pidgley
> <gavin at gadago dot net> wrote:
>> Hi List,
>> I'm wondering if anyone could suggest me a compatable miniPCI card for
>> my
>> m0n0wall (v1.1). If anyone has any experience with a wireless miniPCI
>> that
>> has worked well then any information would be appreciated (model no.
>> etc...).
> I use the Soekris kit from NetGate in Soekris 4501 systems, and it
> works very well.  http://www.netgate.com/soekris.html
> I have the KIT-MP1-5-DUAL on that page on my home setup.  It has a
> range, from my basement, of my entire house (2000 sq. ft.) plus
> outside within about 100 ft. of my house.  If I put it upstairs I
> would imagine it would go further than that, but that's far enough for
> me.
>> Also my current power supply is limited to a maximum of 12v at 500mA,
>> would this still be sufficient after adding a miniPCI card?
> Depends on what hardware you are running.
> -Chris

The hardware is a WRAP.1D-3 (3 Network ports) with a 64MB CF SanDisk. The
WARP board CPU is rated at 266MHz and has 64MB of RAM.

With the addition of the miniPCI wireless adapter you have mentioned could
you suggestion a power supply rating?