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 From:  "Widmer Hannes" <h dot widmer at cybernet dot ch>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Question - DNS Traffic
 Date:  Thu, 9 Sep 2004 09:00:03 +0200
Hi List

I?m a new user of M0n0wall, a really nice Swiss :-)  Firewall. 

I work in Cybernet, a Swiss ISP as System & Network Engineer... 
I'm 23 years old and from Wettingen, Aargau ....
more Infos: www.partyboard.ch

So, now my question :-)
I tryed to replace my own buildet bsd Firewall witch is a 
filtering bridge. When I did the setup of the rules, I created 
on the wan interface a rule to allow as example http from any, 
any Port to my Public IP (Wan - DMZ in filter bridge mode) 
Port 90. Then I create on the dmz interface a rule to allow 
from my public Server ip (DMZ to WAN) the traffic from port 
80 out to any, any port. That works fine ... bit if I do the 
same with DNS, the DNS server gives answers to the client 
about my zones... but if i make a querry for as example 
www.blick.ch, the DNS server trys to make a connection from 
his public IP, Port 53 to blick's dns ip, port 53 and this 
is allways blocked.... why?...

I checked the manual of m0n0wall but this part also nat 
etc.. is missing ....

Does someone have a Idea?....

Thanks verry mutch

Hannes Widmer