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 From:  "Tomas Florian" <tflorian at telus dot net>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Strange behavior of the web interface (BUG?)
 Date:  Thu, 9 Sep 2004 10:06:01 -0600

I have experienced a very strange (and annoying) problem using the web
interface of monowall.  In short, what happens is that when I change
firewall or NAT rules, those rules seem to become corrupted or non
functional.  The same rules start to work if I simply delete them and
recreate them.  

Unfortunately I have not been able to reproduce this bug yet, but this is
the rough description of events that led to this: 

	- I am using Monowall 1.1, Proxy ARP, Static IP

	- All the rules were setup already and everything was working fine

	- I realized that I needed to add my FTP rules.  At the beginning I
didn't know what I'm doing with regards to setting this up propertly, 	so I
went through at least 5 different configurations before I figured 	out
the proper way to set it up to match my FTP requirements.  In 	other words
I was changing my port ranges on both NAT and rules side, 	enabling and
disabling the rule, as well as deleting it and 	subsequently recreating it.

	- When I finally had my rules confirmed and everything should have
been working it did not work.  The way I confirmed my rules is by
trying the identical rule setup on another monowall and everything
worked perfectly well the first time.  

	- The last thing I tried is deleting every single rule I have been
playing around and recreating it. Surprisingly that fixed the problem 	even
though the rules I recreated were identical to the rules I had 	before.  The
only difference was that they were "freshly" created with 	no
subsequent editing done.

	- After this my monowall works very well, except that it has me
worried about the possibility of my rules being corrupted again. 

Anyone else has had the same experience?
How do I look at the underlying rules generated by the GUI?  I would like to
verify that what I see at the frontend is actually set at the backend?  How
else can I troubleshoot / analyze these kinds of problems?