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 From:  mark at ehle dot homelinux dot org
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Captive portal woes
 Date:  Fri, 10 Sep 2004 14:18:33 -0400
Hello, Folks - 

I have a bit of a mistery that I can't seem to solve. 

I am working on a filtered wireless captive portal, using m0n0wall's portal 
feature, and using IPCop just for proxy and dansguardian. I put each one 
(IPCop, m0n0wall) on different boxes

Here's the problem: 

Either box works fine by itself. I can hook my pc to the LAN port on the IPCop 
box, WAN port to the  "mother-lan" here in the library (this lan is behind a 
firewall, on a 192.168.1.X net) and sure enough, it transparently proxies and 
filters content. Works slick.

The m0n0wall box works fine, too, when it is hooked up straight to the "mother-
lan" here in the library. I have captive portal enabled, no radius, the portal 
contents page comes up and I click on the "accept" button, and I am on my way. 
The page redirect works just as it should. A pop-up logout button does appear, 
and does work. When I logout, I am see the portal contents page again, just 
like it should. In fact, as I type this, I am set up this way. 

The problem is when I connect the IPCop WAN to the "mother-lan", and the 
m0n0wall WAN to the IPCOP LAN. It does work, sort of: I do see the portal page, 
but when I click the accept button, no logout window pops up, and I don't get a 
re-direct, just a blank page. I can surf, and it is filtered, but I run into 
DNS trouble, too. I think that as the DNS cache ages out in my pc, I am no 
longer able to resolve things. 

What am I missing? Which box is causing the trouble? Is my idea of doing it 
this way possible, or isn't it?


Mark Ehle
Computer Support Librarian
Willard Public Library
Battle Creek, MI