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 From:  Michael Monaghan <mmonaghan at gmail dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Directly accessing the console?
 Date:  Sun, 12 Sep 2004 21:08:18 -0400
This is a small line powered HUB.  Standard Ethernet has enough power
on it to support a small hub like this.  They were very common a few
decades back but it was a short life for a lot of reasons.  I wouldn't
put this into a production network because too many vendors take
shortcuts.  This would likely be very unstable in a switch environment
where a lot of vendors current limit the ports.  Also its a 2 port
_hub_ and for $3 more I can have a 5 port switch that I can use in a
lot more ways.  Sure I have to power it but hey that's what power
strips are for!


PS: Support your local Power Strip Manufacturers!  <grin>

On Sun, 12 Sep 2004 14:46:11 -0700 (PDT), Fred Wright <fw at well dot com> wrote:
> On Tue, 7 Sep 2004, Seth Rothenberg wrote:
> > <silly>
> > you could look at Ethernet 10-Base-T Splitter
> > http://www.radioshack.com/product.asp?catalog%5Fname=CTLG&product%5Fid=278-785
> > </silly>
> >
> > This is not a cable splitter.  It is basically a passive 2-port hub.
> > I can't tell you how it conforms to net standars,
> I'm reasonably certain that it doesn't. :-)
> > but it comes in handy when your customer says "no signal"
> > and you put a splitter between the client bridge and the PC,
> > and you say, I have a link quality of 67...ping times of 3ms....
> > (and then you can say, that's a windows problem :-)
> >
> > Seth
> > PS I had speculated that it was just 3 ports spliced together,
> > and it is, but with some transistors at each juncture.
> If it has transistors it's not a passive device, and would need a power
> source.  Are you sure it isn't transformers?
> > It seems you can't just splice it together yourself.
> Indeed.  Notwithstanding that "Ethertap" page that someone periodically
> posts a link to.  That guy must have flunked EE 101.
> And even if you get past the low-level electrical issues, there are other
> issues that make this pretty ugly.
> > PS PS PS!!!!  Note! I did not check to see if this device
> > is rated for use in a POE setting.  POE fancy footwork may
> > be needed, let me know if you have this problem.
> Since PoE uses the extra pair that are unused by 10BaseT, it might work if
> they just connected those together.  It could get "intersting" if you
> connected multiple PoE sources, though.
>                                        Fred Wright
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