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 From:  "Dennis" <dhosh at gaslightmedia dot com>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  4521 + 2 Radios + Monowall Captive Portal = Reboot
 Date:  Tue, 14 Sep 2004 21:22:25 -0500
Hello ...

I have run this by the Soekris list, but didn't get any responses.

An update to this may indicate that 2 radios WITHOUT Captive Portal
turned on, appears to reboot when  at least one PC in the office
attempts to connect and browse through the unit, or attempts to manage

I have seen some discussion on the list about power saving modes on some
PC clients possibly causing reboots, but these settings aren't 'on' on
the computer. 

Granted, in the test bench environment, I only have 2 'rubber duckie'
antennas mounted to the back of the Soekris .. One for each radio.  In a
working environment, these would be separated, usually directional
antennas.  Possibly receiver overload on the radio side, and not a
Monowall issue at all??

Original post:

I have a few issues regarding the 4521, Monowall, and Captive Portal
I suspect this is a Monowall issue, but thought I would run it by this
group, to see if anyone else has had the issue.
4521, 1.26a BIOS (originally had 1.23a, upgraded, and have the same
2 PCMCIA NL-2511CD Plus ext2 radios
Empty Mini PCI slot
Empty PCI slot
Sandisk 64Meg Compact Flash
Monowall 1.1
2 radios without Captive Portal turned on, seem to work fine ..
DHCP requests, and routing out through the WAN.
1 radio WITH Captive Portal turned on, RADIUS authentication, works
including when the 2nd radio is physically mounted in the unit, but not
enabled via BIOS.
With the 2nd radio activated in BIOS, and Captive Portal turned on on
Radio1, the router reboots when a radio client attempts to authenticate.
Sometimes the reboot is before the Radius authentication, sometimes
A related issue for Monowall 1.1, is it appears to only allow Captive
on one interface at a time. .. I've not seen where it can be implemented
2 radios simultaneously.
When Captive Portal is implemented on the 2nd radio .... it blocks
access, but doesn't bring up the Radius screen .. only get a ' Page not
found'  screen.
Any ideas?
Thanks for your time.