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 From:  Mohammad Hasieb Ali <alimohammad at comcast dot net>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  nice, somewhat easy to implement features [IMO]
 Date:  Sun, 19 Oct 2003 04:12:21 -0500
I love m0n0wall a lot, but some things would [seem] be easy to implement 
into it, and they might be nice features:

#1. Version display: How are we supposed to remember in a few 
what version of m0n0wall we have. The update instructions seem different 
for every pb**. A little version at the top, bottom, or on the info page 
would be nice.

#2. A "fetchable" status script. Something that would display everything 
in the LAN/WAN info, status, uptime, version (or not?)
but would be safe from SSL/Login. I could just visit it, and it would 
display, or i could code a php script to fetch it.
This thing could have its own config page, for the file name, allowed 
hosts.... actually, its possible to login through AuthConfig through a 
sort of script interface. So I guess a status page would be nice.

#3. Someone just brought this up: A console menu. Pretty much, it would 
function like a keypad lock on a cellular phone. Good Idea.

#4. SSH possibilities. That would be nice :D I could easily code my own 
scripts to do blah and stop bitching on the mailing list :P

#5 ^^ Look at #4. Thats a good suggestion. It deserves two numbers.

Thanks A lot,
                   Mohammad Ali

P.S. These are merely suggestions, I could be completely wrong in 
suggesting them, they might be computationally impossible to integrate 
into m0n0wall, but somewhere, I remember seeing "Submit your suggestions 
to the mailing list." So I followed :D.
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