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 From:  "Mitch \(WebCob\)" <mitch at webcob dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] Cheaper solution than Soekris?
 Date:  Tue, 21 Oct 2003 07:58:09 -0700
ECS makes an all in one micro ATX PC called U Buddy.

The old version had a gigapro processor on it (800 mhz).

The new one has a P4 Celeron.

In Canadian bucks:
Motherboard, power supply & chasis 293.00
256MB DDR 266 $63.00
P4Celeron 2GHz $107.00
Storage (Slimline CD, or HDD, or CF?) about $100

Total 563.00 (426.00 USD)

Only supports a single NIC though - but has a low profile PCI slot - can add
another 2 that way or can add them through USB 2.0.

So if you added comparable features to the soekris (extra nics and so on)
would be about twice the price, but it's also 10x the speed right?

What I need is a cheap source of flash & IDE flash converters which ships to

A 20GB Hard Disk is about $135 (102 USD) (for estimations sake I included a
storage budget in the above system).

Considering it's 2GHz, I haven't found a better option yet.

Case is 9" x 9" x 3".

I had a friend create mounting brackets to put them on walls for me.