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 From:  Mark Castle <m0n0wall at markcastle dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Strange Filtering Bridge behaviour
 Date:  Thu, 23 Sep 2004 00:45:36 +0100
Hi All,

Firstly a huge thanks to Manuel for an such an excellent firewall :o)

I've been testing m0n0wall (1.1b17 & 1.1 on WRAP boards and Soekris 
4801's) as a filtering bridge and have had a few odd things happening.

I've found it real difficult to allow active ftp through a filtering 
bridge (WAN and OPT1 Bridged, with the ftp server on the OPT1 side of 
the connection), sometimes it works ok, but mainly it doesn't.  It shows 
the port 20 traffic as being blocked even though there is a rule on the 
correct interface for it.  I am always able to connect, but rarely able 
to issue an "ls" command, so it's certain it's the ftp data side of 
things that has the issue.  I've noticed this for other types of traffic 
too.. particularly DNS, although interestingly with port 53 udp is shown 
as being blocked i'm pretty sure that it actually isn't.  The main 
problem i am having though is sometimes when i disable the filtering 
bridge, it stays in operation (eg keeps filtering) until the firewall is 
rebooted.  Just wondering if anyone else has seen these issues (and 
hopefully can point me in the direction of what i am doing wrong).  I 
realise this is all a bit generalised without me posting configs and 
logs, but really i just wanted to know if anyone was having similar 
problems first of all; although i can certainly post configs etc if 
requested.  In any case, i'll be doing a lot more testing over the next 
couple of weeks with filtering bridge configurations.

Thankyou in advance.