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 From:  Dave Warren <maillist at devilsplayground dot net>
 To:  zealot <zealot at tradersguild dot net>, m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Odd problem with Vonage
 Date:  Tue, 28 Sep 2004 08:33:31 -0600
zealot wrote:

>Edward Saipetch wrote:
>>For some reason after a day or two of the Vonage line working (i.e. dial tone) it will stop
working and there will be no dial tone. The first 
>Assuming your Cisco ATA is behind your m0n0wall device, enable port 
>forwarding on m0n0wall to the Cisco ATA on at least ports 5060-5061 
>(UDP). A quote from Vonage's knowledge base explains 
While normally good advice, I have two Vonage ATAs (A Cisco and a 
Motorola) running here without and problems, and without port forwarding 
-- Which is lucky, I'd hate to waste an external IP on each of them.

My maximum uptime with m0n0wall+Vonage is 21 days without rebooting 
m0n0wall and about 11 without rebooting the Vonage ATAs.  I haven't 
encountered any problems inbound or outbound on either side of things.

FWIW, my 11 day maximum is due to a recent physical move across the 
city, a number of UPS swapouts, and m0n0wall upgrades, and not to 
instability anywhere along the line.

That being said, one thing you can try, assign your Cisco a static IP in 
your DHCP config, and hit  (where is the IP of your Cisco ATA) whenever you have problems, 
or whenever the mood strikes you.

When I was running with a Linksys NAT box on an ISP that tended to 
change my IPs, I had a copy of wget scheduled to hit that URL every 
couple hours, just in case and it made my Vonage service MUCH more reliable.

This tells the Cisco ATA to reboot when it's available.  If you're on 
the phone it will wait until the line is clear, so you'll never lose a 
call, nor will it interupt a Vonage firmware upgrade or anything, but it 
will renew the DHCP lease (Between the Cisco unit and your m0n0wall DHCP 
server) and reestablish the connection between the ATA and Vonage's 
network automatically.

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