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 From:  "Malte S. Stretz" <msquadrat dot nospamplease at gmx dot net>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: Re[2]: [m0n0wall] Update no-ip.org DynDNS records ...
 Date:  Mon, 4 Oct 2004 12:34:52 +0200
On Sunday 03 October 2004 18:52 CET gramels wrote:
> http://wiki.m0n0.ch/wikka.php?wakka=ElevenTwo
> might help

| m0n0wall updates the dynamic hostname of the external interface with the
| program ez-ipupdate which is lightweight and does it's job. However, it
| ist not capable of updating more than one hostname  [...]

On Debian it is possible to update more than one dynamic IP with the 
ez-ipupdate init script -- it simply looks for several config files 
in /etc/ez-ipupdate.  Each one triggers its own instance of the executable, 
each with its own PID and cache files.  With a bit of hacking it should be 
possible to do this with m0n0, too.


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