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 From:  David Orman <david dot orman at orblivion dot com>
 To:  "Seth Rothenberg" <seth at pachai dot net>
 Cc:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] more questions concerning which platform to use / integrated wireless or AP
 Date:  Tue, 12 Oct 2004 19:09:10 -1000
Neither state. :) I'm not going to go the PXE route, instead rely on CF 
storage. I realize this will make it a PITA when upgrading the systems, 
but I've had way too many issues with PXE in the past to chance it on 
such a large scale. What would you suggest as a good solution as to a 
wireless card for the soekris boxes? I don't want to encounter the 
lockups on power saving mode issues I've seen posted here. Knowing that 
I intend to use CF as well, which soekris box would you suggest? I 
don't mind drilling out the hole for the antenna connector. The boxes 
would most likely be indoors in most locations, but some might possibly 
be outside. Likely I would do power over ethernet as well. I'm not 
concerned about reliability with power outages, because the stores with 
the wireless hotspots would be down as well, and thus it would not make 
a difference. If I ever target residential areas for service, however, 
I will investigate the solar panel route. If you could suggest some 
high power cards (200-300mw) that you know are stable, I would 
absolutely love it. I've found little to no information on this when 
dealing with soekris machines and m0n0wall. :)

David Orman

On Oct 12, 2004, at 16:37, Seth Rothenberg wrote:

> The standard thing is a soekris box
> with a MMCX to N-Male "pigtail", a "bulkhead NF-NF coupler",
> which bolts to the case of the soekris, and then a
> N-Male to N-Male cable, the shorter the better.
> Note, the case does not by default come with N type
> antenna hole, you need to make that hole bigger.
> You might look at specs for 4526, it's about $100 cheaper,
> but it uses different cards which may not be m0n0able.
> That device must boot PXE, no removable CF.
> Run POE up to the top of the tower, short antenna cable.
> Set device to netboot.  I trust your T1 is not an
> "ISP" feed, but a private network, so you can bring all
> 200 AP's back to a single (cluster of ) boot server(s).
> Where is this?  NJ or E-PA - if you need an FTE, let me know.
> BTW, you may want to look in soekris archives (google?)
> for solar power information.  Adds to cost, but reliability also.