WAN reconnect script/schedule task for Windows

Main reason I wrote this short tutorial is that I don't have linux machines on my local network that run 0-24,
and I don't like IP renew during day, so this is the way to do it over night.


1. WGET for Windows you can obtain wget from this link also:

2. sleep.exe (it is part of Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools)
    at link below you can get only sleep.exe, so you don't have to download whole resource kit tool from Microsoft web:

here is the script: @echo off
wget -q --user=admin --password=mono \ --post-data=submit=Disconnect -O nul \
sleep 7
wget -q --user=admin --password=mono \ --post-data=submit=Connect -O nul \

3. copy&paste it to Notepad

4. edit this script according to your m0n0wall password and IP address - save as: reconnect.bat

5. go to System Tools, Scheduled Tasks, add new task to run reconnect.bat, that will be repeated daily (at 4:00am) and finish

6. have fun with your m0n0wall

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