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Development is currently being done on a FreeBSD 10 based version of m0n0wall that brings better support for current hardware (especially new WLAN and Ethernet controllers).

In parallel, maintenance is done on the 1.8 branch for an eventual 1.8.2 release. Snapshots of 1.8.2 beta can be found here:

  • Snapshots
    Snapshots are built whenever there is a commit to the repository. The version number format is 1.8.2bXXX, where XXX = revision of the repository that the image was built from.
  • Change log (see also commit log below)
  • Discussion forum

Remember that snapshots/betas may contain serious bugs and are not intended for use in sensitive production environments. 128 MB RAM or more are required (systems with 64 MB will not work reliably with the new version anymore).

The last 5 commits to the beta branch:
Rev. Author Date Message
r570 mkasper 01/26/2014 16:14:20 - automatically add filter rules for DHCP on optional interfaces if the DHCP relay is active
(reported by Anders Magnusson)
r567 mkasper 01/21/2014 10:09:21 - fix PPTP client on WAN
r565 awhite 01/21/2014 00:07:52 fix snmpd for cpu and uptime, and some host mib stuff
r563 lgrahl 01/15/2014 20:24:33 * fix keep diagnostics in navigation expanded after accessing diagnostics page "CPU Graph"
r561 mkasper 01/14/2014 16:12:00 - Bump copyright year. Don't want this to look old before it's even released ;)

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