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In m0n0wall 1.8.1, the base system has been switched to FreeBSD 8.4 for better support of recent hardware. Thanks to contributions by Andrew White, Lennart Grahl and Pierre Nast, there have been significant improvements, new features and bug fixes in many areas.

Please note:

  • This version requires at least 128 MB RAM and a disk/CF size of 32 MB or more
  • Follow the upgrade instructions when upgrading from earlier versions
  • Use the latest version of physdiskwrite (0.5.3)

Change log highlights (see the SVN change log for the full details):

  • add scheduler ("Croen") service with many different job types (enable/disable interface or shaper rule, Wake on LAN, reboot, reconnect WAN, execute command etc.)
  • improved IPv6 support, including IPsec, DHCPv6-PD, RDNSS and DNSSL, and NDP info on the ARP diagnostic page
  • major overhaul of wireless LAN support. On some cards, it is now also possible to create multiple APs at the same time. To reflect this change, the wireless settings have moved to the Interfaces: assign page, where WLAN subinterfaces can be created much like for VLANs.
  • DNS forwarder: add option to log DNS queries, add aliases (CNAMEs) and MXs
  • Add AES-256, SHA-256/384/512 and additional DH group options to IPsec
  • Make rule moving and deletion on shaper rules page work like for firewall rules.
  • Initial support for USB modems
  • enable CPU hardware crypto support
  • automatically reassign available physical network interfaces if none of the assigned interfaces in the configuration can be found on the system (i.e. for a new installation, or when moving an existing config to new hardware)
  • the "embedded" image is gone; generic-pc-serial should now be used for PC Engines and Soekris boards
  • console speed for serial images is fixed to 9600 baud (no longer tries to use BIOS preset value)
  • introduction of an automated build system that allows one to build m0n0wall from scratch with almost no manual intervention on a standard FreeBSD 8.4 system
  • countless bug fixes and improvements in UI and system configuration code

Refer to the installation instructions for information on how to install these files on the various platforms.

Version: 1.8.1
Release date: 01/15/2014

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Note: the CD-ROM version includes an install-to-disk option for easier installation on fixed drives or virtual disks.
generic-pc generic-pc-serial
Type: raw CF/HD/USB drive image for generic PCs
Size: 11.34 MB
MD5: e18e752577e24c7a61df525e4d962b4a
SHA256: c88e618f6fd07cd7c3c8af2343c44648 \ eb4a6e8baf0104eddd97f633c7b86db2
Type: raw CF/HD/USB drive image for generic PCs w/serial console
Size: 11.34 MB
MD5: 5f449407e78919c41039fe4343dad72a
SHA256: 91fa2b80e9d4ac36ee092af76cdb7858 \ a095632b00e3ba1bfddb29e6f684d567
Type: 2048 byte/sector Mode-1 ISO image
Size: 23.45 MB
MD5: 5b2d536e2b69800fa9f6a7b10b645f6b
SHA256: a388c716d873d652751656450f3448c4 \ c5deaae35678caaafc5037ffdcbe949e

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