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OPNwall m0n0wall appliance
lowpower, fanless, high grade enclosure
from Applianceshop.EU

m0n0wall is targeted at embedded x86-based PCs. The net48xx/net55xx range from Soekris Engineering ( and the ALIX platform from PC Engines ( are officially supported. All it takes to get m0n0wall up and running on one of these systems is to download the relevant image and write it to a CF card (32 MB or larger). See Installation for more information.

OPNwall m0n0wall rack appliances
Fast lowpower, multi core AMD cpu's and Intel Gbit NIC's
from Applianceshop.EU

It is also possible to run m0n0wall on most standard PCs, either by writing the generic-pc image to a small IDE hard disk or CF card, or by using the CD-ROM + floppy disk version. Since m0n0wall is based on FreeBSD, most hardware that works with FreeBSD also works with m0n0wall. See the FreeBSD Hardware Notes for a detailed listing of supported hardware.

The recommended amount of RAM for m0n0wall is 128 MB. It might work with less, especially if you don't use a lot of features/services, but there are no guarantees about that – watch out for failing firmware uploads (m0n0wall does not use swap space, so it can't do much about running out of memory).

PFW201 desktop appliance
Low Power, Intel based, VGA
from USA
PFW1000 rackmount appliance
Intel i7, up to 14 ports, 10Gbe
from USA
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