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  • The m0n0wall system currently takes up less than 32 MB on the Compact Flash card (or CD-ROM), and contains
    • all the required FreeBSD components (kernel, user programs)
    • ipfilter
    • PHP (CGI version)
    • mini_httpd
    • MPD
    • ISC DHCP server
    • ez-ipupdate (for DynDNS updates)
    • Dnsmasq (for the caching DNS forwarder)
    • racoon (for IPsec IKE)
    • UCD-SNMP
    • choparp
  • On recent embedded platforms (like ALIX), m0n0wall provides a WAN <-> LAN TCP throughput in excess of 50 Mbps (including NAT). Newer standard PCs can easily reach > 100 Mbps.
  • On an ALIX.2, m0n0wall boots to a fully working state in less than 25 seconds after power-up, including POST (with a properly configured BIOS)
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