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Tools & resources

This page will list useful tools and other resources that can be used in conjunction with m0n0wall. If you think you've got something that belongs on this page, mail



  • IFRAME HTML/JS template for viewing multiple graphs at once
    Contributed by Mark Cunningham <mcunningham at mdsc dot info>.
  • m0n0backup   NEW
    Windows tray application for creating dated m0n0wall configuration backups and for rebooting m0n0walls. Contributed by Aleksandroff <aleksandroff at bookvoed dot ru>
  • BMonitor - Portable SNMP bandwidth monitor
    Displays a bandwidth/packet rate graph for any m0n0wall interface. Uses SNMP.
  • Config backup batch file for Windows (+ wget binary)
    An example of a batch file to be used for creating dated m0n0wall configuration backups on Windows machines. Comes with wget binary. Contributed by Anders Dahl <apd at smakodak dot dk>
  • Observium
    Observium is an autodiscovering PHP/MySQL/SNMP/CDP based network management system focused primarily on Cisco and Linux/BSD networks. Has some m0n0wall-specific features.
  • AdvancedRM
    AdvancedRM is a free, small and lightweight network monitoring utility for SNMP enabled devices (including m0n0wall). Screenshots
  • m0n0wall Backup Script
    Another (Perl) script to backup the configuration from multiple m0n0walls. Supports HTTP and HTTPS, maintains old configs for a configurable number of days and allows configs to be compressed. Contributed by Richard Harvey.
  • Remote backup script
    A script to remotely backup your m0n0wall via HTTP(S). Contributed by Kaspar Lyngsie <k at pacroon dot dk>.
    Or use this improved version that allows the remote port to be changed.
  • monomon
    A m0n0wall monitoring client for Windows. Can display a traffic graph for any m0n0wall interface. Uses SNMP.
  • WallWatcher
    Firewall log analysis tool for Windows that supports m0n0wall.
  • myNetWatchman
    Global, centralized firewall log analyzer/security event aggregator. Can be used with WallWatcher.


  • WAN reconnect script
    A script to force reconnection of PPPoE on WAN (useful if your ISP initiates a forced disconnect every 24 hours and you don't want it to happen during the day). Contributed by Andreas Fink <dronnick at gmail dot com>.
    Windows version by <neutralman at gmail dot com>


  • m0n0wall IPSEC VPN Auto Updater
    This PHP script by Daniel Morante makes it possible to use IPsec VPN tunnels between two m0n0walls that both have dynamic WAN IP addresses.
  • iVPN
    A GUI for Windows XP's integrated IPsec support.


  • kaos.theory: Armor Your Palace
    A guide to securing your home and home network with inexpensive hardware, open source software (including m0n0wall) and about 8 hours of dedicated time.
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