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Mailing lists

The mailing list has been permanently frozen.

There is a mailing list for discussing issues related to the use of m0n0wall, one for announcements (also security-related; low-traffic, moderated) and one for development issues.
You may post questions, suggestions, and anything else that may be of interest to other m0n0wall users. No attachments and no HTML mail please. You need to subscribe before you can post.

The official language of all m0n0wall mailing lists is English, but posts in other languages are welcome as well if you feel that you can't explain your question well enough in English.

Please search the archives and read the FAQ to make sure that your question hasn't already been asked/answered before posting. If you're not familiar with asking for help on a mailing list, this document is a good start.

With many problems (e.g. blocked packets that shouldn't be blocked, hardware problems, other configuration issues), it's a good idea to provide the (anonymized) output from http://m0n0wall-ip/status.php, since it's hard for people to help you with your problem if they can't look at your config.xml and the logs.

Questions that deal with m0n0wall's underlying FreeBSD system (in particular the kernel - hardware support etc.) can often be answered using the FreeBSD handbook and by searching the FreeBSD mailing lists.

General mailing list
Announcement mailing list (moderated; new versions, security issues)
Development mailing list
Repository commit notifications mailing list
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