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The repository has been permanently frozen in preparation for archival of the m0n0wall website. You can download a tarball of the SVN repository (format 3 = FSFS for Subversion 1.5+) here. Read-only access to the repository at the URL below will continue for the time being.

A Subversion repository is available that contains all PHP source files (include files, webGUI pages, rc scripts, captive portal stuff) and other build-related files.

The repository can be accessed at the following URL:

Anonymous read-only access to the entire tree is possible, but only regular m0n0wall contributors with an SVN account may commit changes to the tree (if you are a regular contributor and would like an account, contact The committers are listed below; if you have a modification to m0n0wall that you think is good enough to be included in the official codebase, contact one of the committers or post your patch on the m0n0wall-dev mailing list.

Commit notifications
All commits trigger an automatic e-mail to the mailing list See this page to learn how to subscribe to that mailing list and get notified about commits.

There are GUI frontends to SVN available for those who don't like the command-line version (e.g. TortoiseSVN for Windows).

Repository layout
There is no "trunk" directory in the repository anymore; development is done in one of the main branch directories (1.23, freebsd6 or freebsd8). Commits to those directories should always attempt to keep things in a working state, i.e. it should always be possible to build a working beta release from the contents of these three branch directories. Extensive changes that cannot reasonably be made in a single commit should be done in a separate branch (by copying an existing branch to a new directory inside the branches directory) that can be merged back (or form an entirely new branch) when the changes have stabilized.

For every official m0n0wall release (including beta versions), a copy is made in the tags directory with the name 'release-[version]'. No commits will ever be made to anything inside the tags directory.

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