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Here are a few quotes from m0n0wall users:

I love M0n0wall, I have had it installed on my Computer for last 30 days not fell over once, I love the features such as the IPsec and PPTP VPN and the ability to have the m0n0mon program monitor the firewall from remote. For saying that it's a free software its very good, I have spent 100's on firewalls in past but this M0n0wall is very cool. Keep up the good work and looking forward to the next release. :-)
- Phillip Cooper, IT Manager, Blacknights PC Repairs
Computers 4 U, Inc has beta tested many versions of m0n0wall for the last year and has seen nothing but money saved! We now run ALL our Wireless Pop's with m0n0wall and BSD for a Squid Proxy and etc. M0n0wall is a great firewall and we love the traffic shaping and other features. We hope to see multiple wan support, client PPOE login and more client support for PPTP VPN features in future releases. It's as simple as this folks, try it, use it, and support it. C4U_I2U tip's their hat to Sir Manuel Kasper for such OUTSTANDING WORK! Thank you Manuel for what you do!!!!
- Todd Setliff (president)
I just installed m0n0wall and wow! This is a fantastic program. I've been using Smoothwall Express 2.0 for the last year and a bit but I thought I'd give m0n0wall a try; and I'm glad I did. Very impressive. The outbound filter is great, the captive portal could be really useful and the traffic shaper is very good too. It's all the features anyone could ever need. Plus it seems to run very quickly. Keep up the great work.
- Michael Dale
I'm a sys admin of Royal School of Administration of Cambodia and I'm working with the OpenSource. Today I'm writing to you to say thank for your m0n0wall System. It's really helpful, great and amazing for me. Because after one month of my own experimentation on 5 software routers, i found your system is the only one which satisfies my environment and constraints. m0n0wall is now installed as a router for between a direct satellite connection and the main school linux server.

Great job from you, thank you again for the big help you gave to us.
- N. Vichika
GREAT work on m0n0wall, I'd been looking for a product like this for the last year or so, and I finally found yours! does exactly what I need, and VERY well!
Keep up the good work!
- Barry Mather
Thank you VERY MUCH for writing m0n0wall! It's a great piece of software! We've been using it at our company for several months and it's been working great. I finally upgraded to v1.0 and it was the easiest upgrade I ever did. (CDROM/Floppy version on a PC)
- Glenn Powers, senior network engineer at an international satellite uplink facility
Wow, this is one of the coolest pieces of free software I've ever seen! Slick, simple, small, elegant, great software.
- Brian Ernst
m0n0wall is the most exciting thing to happen to the firewall market since I first came up with SmoothWall many moons ago. The design, the security schema and the thought put into every feature exceed the research and design philosophies of Cisco, WatchGuard, Checkpoint and Sonicwall. You'll be hearing a lot more about m0n0, it's making the world a smaller and safer place.
- Richard Morrell, founder SmoothWall, award winning security author
I was happy to wake up today and find a new version to play with. Way to go Manuel! Happy first Birthday to m0n0wall!
Such is the wonderfulness of m0n0wall that I was able to update one net4801 to 1.0 over an IPSec link without any problems at all. Everything "just worked".
- Jim Gifford
Thank you for all that hard work :)
Tested it with WRAP board and works just perfect.
- Timothy Jans
Congratulations on this!
I'm happy to see the growth to maturity of this project went soo good! (and still does) You deserve a place in my gallery of all-time-heroes-of-computing!
- an anonymous m0n0wall user from The Netherlands
Let the quality of m0n0wall and the enthusiasm with which you keep the project running be an example to others in this world!
- Paul Schenkeveld
Again, congratulations and my sincerest thanks for a project well done.
- John Voigt, President, Reston Wireless, LLC
First of all, thanks for your good work. I love m0n0wall. It makes deploying gateways really easy. Much faster than with pf/ipf/iptables. We all love the web interface. I've been connecting a few remote sites through m0n0wall + IPsec. It works great ;)
- Jean-Francois Theroux
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