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Although m0n0wall has been created with the utmost care, there is always the possibility of security holes - no software programmer can claim that his/her product is absolutely bug-free. While the filter rule generator is believed to generate a pretty tight ruleset (most rules correspond directly with a rule created by the user via the webGUI, with only few implicit rules added to enable some functions like the DHCP server without requiring the user to go through the hassle of manually maintaining filter rules for them), no liability will be accepted (read the license for details), as it's still the user's responsibility to accurately express the desired security policy in filter rules.

You can have a look at the ipfilter ruleset that is currently active by going to

If you're familiar with ipfilter, please take the time to read through the ruleset to confirm that it reflects your intentions.

Any security-related announcements will be made to the m0n0wall-announce mailing list, so be sure to subscribe to that list in order to get the information.

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