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Getting help

Mailing list
If you have a question or experience problems with m0n0wall, then the mailing list is your first resource. Before posting, please make sure that the same question hasn't been asked/answered before by using the archive. Try the FAQ as well.

If you don't like mailing lists and/or prefer a web-based forum, then you can also post your question/problem in the m0n0wall forum. You'll have to register before you're able to post (don't worry, it's quick and easy). Please read the forum rules (in the "Announcements" section of the forum) before posting.

IRC channel
There's an IRC channel (#m0n0wall) on FreeNode where you can often find a bunch of helpful people to discuss your problems with.

Please do not send the author e-mail asking for help with setting up m0n0wall – post your question to the mailing list or in the forum (otherwise your message may be ignored). Also note that you're expected to have some knowledge about firewalls – if you don't, you're urged to go and learn some on your own before you start asking questions that have already been answered a million times. Finally, please bear in mind that m0n0wall is not intended to be (and cannot be) a solution for each and every firewall problem in the world – like most commercial firewalls, it is designed to fit in the most common scenarios. Don't expect to get exotic features implemented just because you need them in your particular application.

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