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Installation on a standard PC (CD-ROM version)

Installation on a standard PC with the CD-ROM (+ floppy disk) version requires the following steps:

  • download the ISO image
  • burn the ISO image onto a CD-R (or -RW)
    • FreeBSD (ATAPI recorder): burncd -s max -e data cdrom-xxx.iso fixate
    • Windows: use your favorite burning program (e.g. Nero) to record the ISO image (2048 bytes/sector, Mode-1)
  • take a standard 1.44 MB diskette or a USB flash drive (m0n0wall 1.3+ only) and format it (with an MS-DOS/FAT file system!)
    • 1.44 MB floppy disk
      • FreeBSD: fdformat -f 1440 /dev/fd0 && newfs_msdos -L "m0n0wallcfg" -f 1440 /dev/fd0
        Note: you can omit the fdformat step if the floppy disk is already (low-level) formatted
      • Windows: format A:
    • USB flash drive
      • Windows: use Windows Explorer to format the drive (FAT32)
  • power up your PC, enter the BIOS and make sure that booting from CD-ROM is enabled and booting from floppy disk is disabled
  • insert CD-ROM and floppy disk (do not write-protect the floppy disk!)
  • boot
  • wait for the console menu to appear, select 1. (assign network ports)
  • assign functions (LAN/WAN/OPT) to your interfaces (hint: use auto-detection, or let the MAC addresses tell you which card is which one)
  • change the LAN IP address, or use the default (; m0n0wall acts as a DHCP server by default)
  • access the webGUI (user: 'admin', default password: 'mono')
  • make the necessary changes to the default configuration
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