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Installation on a standard PC (CF/IDE version)

Contributed by Mark Rijckenberg <markrijckenberg at spymac dot com>

  • download and burn Damn Small Linux to a CD-R/RW disk
  • boot target PC with the Damn Small Linux CD
  • download the latest generic-pc m0n0wall image to the /ramdisk/home/dsl folder using the Dillo web browser
  • in a root shell, execute the following commands:
    (cfdisk has the big benefit of showing you the exact Linux device name of your HD/CF. Do not create any file systems using cfdisk - the dd command will do that instead)
    gunzip -c /ramdisk/home/dsl/generic-pc-xxx.img | dd of=/dev/xxx bs=16k
    where xxx = the IDE device name of your HD/CF card (e.g. "hda")
  • shut down PC
  • remove the Damn Small Linux CD and reboot
  • assign functions (LAN/WAN/OPT) to your interfaces (hint: use auto-detection, or let the MAC addresses tell you which card is which one)
  • change the LAN IP address, or use the default (; m0n0wall acts as a DHCP server by default)
  • access the webGUI (user: 'admin', default password: 'mono')
  • make the necessary changes to the default configuration
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